Why I am here

Five people, who left their home countries as children, tell us about their new life in Germany:  Leila from Bosnia,  Mrs. Schiller from East Prussia,  Lena from Japan,  Cacau from Brazil and  Ahmad from Syria.

Documentary Film with Animated Scenes, 65 min., Germany 2018, no age restriction

On eye-level with childrens. Beautiful animations. The film shows, what coming to Germany is like, and shows, how each person’s experience is unique.

DOK.fest Munich

The Stories

Ahmad (10) and his family fled to Germany from Syria, by crossing the Mediterranean. Now they live near Heidelberg, where Ahmad found his best friend Collin.

Lena (16) left Japan in the turmaoil of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima. Her family now lives in Duesseldorf, but Lena still remembers those terrifying days in 2011. 

Leila was ten years old, when the Balkan war in Yougoslavia started. She spent months hiding in the bomb shelter of her house. Then she was able to find refuge in Germany.

Cacau grew up in a poor family in Brazil. His mother had to raise her three boys alone. Cacau was a talented football player and came to Germany as a teenager. He became a champion player on the German National Team.

Karin Schiller (81) comes from former East Prussia. At the end of the Second World War her family was starving and she tried to survive, begging for food. A Lithuanian family helped her, until she was able to go to Germany.

The Film Team

Susanne Quester and Mieko Azuma

It’s a great challenge to leave your home country, that‘s what these children from different countries all have in common.

Mieko Azuma

Each person has an interesting story, it’s often surprising and very different from what you might expect at first glance.

Susanne Mi-Son Quester